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Welcome to the ADS-B / ATCRBS/Mode S Home Page. This site is provided by the personnel at the Federal Aviation Administration's William J. Hughes Technical Center.  This web site supports the following FAA project areas: ADS-B and the ATCRBS/Mode S transponders.

For those that don’t already know, here is a brief description of each of these project areas:

        ADS-B - Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast.  ADS-B is a surveillance concept whereby a vehicle (airborne or ground) broadcasts its position, at regular time intervals, for receipt by some application.  ADS-B is an enabling technology for many new applications.  These applications are being developed to improve airborne and airport safety and capacity.  The main benefit of this technology is that it provides an accurate, low cost way to gather position information.  Much of the work being done on ADS-B standards and performance specifications is being done within Special Committee 186 of RTCA, Inc.  Many of the working groups within SC-186 are supported directly with web pages within this web site.  (For more details about ADS-B and brief descriptions of all of the SC-186 working groups, jump to the ADS-B main page.)

        ATCRBS/Mode S Transponders  - RTCA established Special Committee 209 for the purpose of maintaining revisions to DO-181() - Minimum Operational Performance Standards for Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System / Mode Select (ATCRBS/Mode S) Airborne Equipment , and to DO-144() - Minimum Operational Characteristics for Airborne ATC Transponder Systems .

This site supports the current industry/government cooperative efforts (through RTCA Incorporated) in developing standards for ADS-B and associated avionics and applications, and revisions to ATCRBS/Mode S transponder MOPS documents.

Jump to the ADS-B or ATCRBS/Mode S pages for information on these systems and efforts, as well as specific information about working groups and sub-groups.

For information on upcoming RTCA meetings and locations, jump to the RTCA calendar, or to the SC-186 working group pages found within this site.

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Last updated: 5/5/07
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